Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Analysis Of The Poem Hailey - 1361 Words

Hailey growing up with Zuko Hailey walked over to sierra who was being held by their mother, she kissed her little sister’s forehead and said. â€Å"Its ok sissy is here.† she handed the Stuffed Puppy bear she was holding to sierra and JJ, they clung to it and stopped their crying. Hailey looked at their parents tears threatening to fall down her face. â€Å"bye mommy, bye daddy I’ll miss you†¦.† she said with tear filled eyes as the Fire nation Soldiers dragged them away. â€Å"What is your name girl.† the fire lord asked from his throne. â€Å"A-A-Alyara.† Hailey replied. â€Å"Your name will be Hailey now.† He said Roughly. â€Å"O-ok.† she whimpered. the firelord walked over and placed a hand on the 5 year old’s shoulder. she looked up at him as he led†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"Mom this is Hailey.† Zuko said as Hailey waved with a shy look on her face â€Å"Hello.† Hailey said quietly with a bow. â€Å"Hello.† his mother said patting her on the head. â€Å"I am Ursa, Zuko’s mother.† â€Å"I-I’m Hailey.† Hailey stuttered. â€Å"Hailey is a servant, and shes uncle’s Ward.† Zuko said. â€Å"He said she could play.† â€Å"Well thats nice of him.† Ursa said with a smile as she joined the two of them in feeding the turtle ducks. later the family got together for dinner Hailey went to sit in the kitchen while the royals ate dinner when Iroh grabbed her shoulder. â€Å"What are you doing?† He asked with a worried look. â€Å"I-i thought that Servants†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ ate with other servants?† she asked Shy and confused. â€Å"no no.† he siad with a chuckle. â€Å"You are my ward and you’ll be eating with the rest of us.† â€Å"O-ok.† she said as they walk over and she clung to his side. â€Å"Brother who is this?† a gruff looking man said. â€Å"She looks like a peasant.† a girl said harshly. â€Å"This is my ward Hailey.† Iroh stated. â€Å"I thought it would be appropriate for her to eat with us.† â€Å"I think its a great idea!† Zuko said with a grin making Hailey smile a bit. â€Å"I agree.† Ursa said with a kind smile. â€Å"She looks like a nice girl Ozai give her a chance. â€Å"your soft Ursa†¦.† the man Ozai muttered as Hailey climbed in to a chair next to Zuko. He grinned at her and started talking with her while his sister glared. she looked at his

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