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Learn About Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Cyclones

A tropical storm is a tropical cyclone with maximum sustained winds of at least 34 knots (39 mph or 63 kph). Tropical storms are given official names once they reach these wind speeds. Beyond 64 knots (74 mph or 119 kph), a tropical storm is called a hurricane, typhoon, or cyclone based on the storm location.   Tropical Cyclones A  tropical cyclone  is a fast-spinning storm system  that has a  low-pressure  center, a closed low-level atmospheric circulation,  strong winds, and a spiral arrangement of  thunderstorms  that produce heavy rain.   Tropical cyclones tend to form over large bodies of fairly warm water, typically oceans or gulfs. They get their energy from the evaporation of  water  from the  ocean  surface, which ultimately  recondenses  into  clouds  and rain when moist air rises and cools to  saturation. Tropical cyclones are typically between 100 and 2,000  kilometers in diameter. Tropical  refers to the geographical origin of these systems, which form almost exclusively over  tropical  seas.  Cyclone  refers to their cyclonic nature, with wind blowing  counterclockwise  in the  Northern Hemisphere  and clockwise in the  Southern Hemisphere. In addition to strong winds and rain, tropical cyclones can create high waves, damaging  storm surge, and  tornadoes. They typically weaken rapidly over land where they are cut off from their primary energy source. For this reason, coastal regions are particularly vulnerable to damage from a tropical cyclone as compared to inland regions. Heavy rains, however, can cause significant flooding inland, and storm surges can produce extensive coastal  flooding  up to 40 kilometers from the coastline.   When They Form Worldwide, tropical cyclone activity peaks in late summer, when the difference between temperatures aloft and sea surface temperatures is the greatest. However, each particular basin has its own seasonal patterns. On a worldwide scale, May is the least active month, while September is the most active month. November is the only month in which all the  tropical cyclone basins  are active. Warnings and Watches A tropical storm warning is an announcement that sustained winds of 34 to 63 knots (39 to 73 mph or 63 to 118 km/hr) are  expected  somewhere within the specified area within 36 hours in association with a  tropical,  subtropical, or  post-tropical  cyclone. A tropical storm watch is an announcement that sustained winds of 34 to 63 knots (39 to 73 mph or 63 to 118 km/hr) are  possible  within the specified area within 48 hours in association with a  tropical,  subtropical, or  post-tropical  cyclone. Naming of Storms Using names to identify tropical storms goes back many years, with systems named after places or things they hit before the formal start of naming. The credit for the first use of personal names for weather systems is generally given to the  Queensland Government  Meteorologist  Clement Wragge  who named systems between 1887-1907. People stopped naming storms after Wragge retired, but it was revived in the latter part of  World War II  for the Western Pacific. Formal naming schemes have subsequently been introduced for the  North and South Atlantic, Eastern, Central, Western and Southern Pacific basins  as well as the  Australian region  and the  Indian Ocean.

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Doris Orgels Devil in Vienna Essay - 2316 Words

The Holocaust. A subject most people would like to forget but shouldnt. People must find out as much as possible about it so history wont repeat itself. Millions of Jewish men, women, and children , of all strata were persecuted because of what? Nothing besides the fact that they were Jewish. Most Jews living in Germany, Austria, Poland, France or practically anywhere else in Europe were sent to concentration camps. There they were either tortured or killed. In The book Devil in Vienna, by Doris Orgel, Inge a young, intelligent Jewish girl is faced with the same types of problems. Being Jewish at that time was no small problem. Instead of worrying what to wear the next day, she would have to worry about whether or not her family†¦show more content†¦Camp living conditions were atrocious. People sent to the camps were fed the very bare minimum, never bathed, were frequently beaten, given the worst sleeping quarters, and killed in mass numbers by carbon monoxide gassing, shooting and being cremated alive. The people in charge of the camps were allowed to do anything they pleased, no matter how violent and abusive. Often they would make Jews do embarrassing and painful things just out of pure hatred, such as walk around naked, dig their own grave before being shot, and work until they would die. It may not seem true, but it is all too real, and it was caused almost single-handedly by Hitler. Adolf Hitler, the man who was ultimately responsible for having thousands of Jews executed, was born on April 20, 1889 in Austria-Hungary, one of five children from his fathers third marriage (three died during childhood). He grew up in what we now call a broken home. His father was a violent ill-tempered man who would frequently resort to beatings to silence his children. His mother spoiled him with material goods, maybe out of maternal anxiety. Although Hitler was never encouraged to try his best, he was punished when he did not do well. This may explain why he acted the way he did when he grew up. Hitler did not do much better at school than he did at home. He was a poor student, not because he wasnt intelligent but rather because he never applied himself. His

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Womens Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean

In every country in Latin America and the Caribbean, women suffer acute discrimination. Often, the discrimination women face is related to social prejudices regarding appropriate patterns of conduct for men and women. This entrenched sex inequality provides the backdrop for the pervasive and widespread human rights violations women face in the region, with little chance of justice. The most pernicious types of womens human rights abuses in the Americas occur in the areas of womens reproductive and sexual health and rights, discrimination and violence against women in the workplace, and violence against women in the home. After decades of dictatorships in some countries, democracy has not meant an end to impunity for violations of women†¦show more content†¦Latin America and the Caribbean is the region with the second highest HIV prevalence rate after sub-Saharan Africa. Women increasingly constitute the majority of those newly infected. Even so, governments have failed to in corporate respect for womens human rights into their central responses to the epidemic. In the Dominican Republic, for example, women are subjected to illegal HIV testing without informed consent when they seek employment or health care, and those who test positive are routinely fired from their jobs and sometimes denied public healthcare. In addition, public health professionals often reveal confidential HIV test results to womens families without the tested individuals knowledge or consent, exposing them to a heightened risk of violence and stigma. Other countries in the region, such as Peru, require as a matter of law that all pregnant women test for HIV without ensuring womens confidentiality or consent, and without linking HIV tests and counseling to the pervasive problem of domestic violence. Womens inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean is reflected in the discrimination they face in the workplace. Since the 1960s, the number of economically active women in the region has more than tripled. Though more than half of theseShow MoreRelatedAmerica, Mexico, The Caribbean, And South America Make Up Latin America Essay1070 Words   |  5 PagesCentral America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America make up Latin America. Approximately 640 million people reside in this region. Latin America is the largest foreign supplier of oil to the United States. It is the United States’ fastest growing trading partner, as well as its biggest supplier of illegal drugs. Latin America is also the largest source of U.S immigrants, both documented and not. The life expectancy for females is 72 years of age and the life expectancy for males is 79 yearsRead MoreGender Inequality During Latin American Countries1373 Words   |  6 Pagesinequality affected women in Latin American countries? Gender inequality has affected the women of Latin America in a multitude of ways, but it can be argued that the division of gender equality is extremely prominent when analyzing reproductive rights and health care access. Compared to countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, Latin America is far behind in terms of civil rights and reproductive rights. The lack of rights is not in question; women’s barrier to reproductiveRead MoreChild Malnutrition1718 Words   |  7 Pagesmillion children under the age of five years, nearly one-third of all children in developing countries were either underweight or stunted. Malnutrition causes a great deal of physical and emotional suffering and it is a violation of a childs human r ights. Malnutrition substantially raises the risk of infant and child deaths, and increases vulnerability to a variety of diseases in later life. In addition, malnutrition impairs cognitive ability and decreases school performance, and lowers labor productivityRead MoreHuman Rights And Social Equity757 Words   |  4 PagesHuman Rights and Social Equity Thesis and Motive Human rights are vital to achieving and sustaining development, and while world leaders acknowledged the links between human rights and development, the MDGs did not reflect this as inequities faced by populations were not considered (UN Human Rights, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights [OHCHR], 2015). For example, while some countries were able to achieve the MDGs, in many countries, particularly poor ones, individuals remain in extremeRead More Latin American Change Essay3051 Words   |  13 PagesOver the course of the past half-millennium, the 33 countries that now comprise Latin America and the Caribbean have gone through drastic change. Since the discovery of the New World in 1492, each country has gone through some level of colonization by a European power and transition to its current state. During this period the regions have seen political, social, religious and economic transformations of various degrees. Nevertheless, many scholars argue that regardless of the changes encounteredRead MoreFeminist Theory1248 Words   |  5 PagesFeminism refers to political, cultural, and economic movements aimed at establishing greater rights, legal protection for women, and or womens liberation. It includes some of the sociological theories and philosophies concerned with issues of gender difference. Nancy Cott defines feminism as the belief in the importance of gender equality, invalidating the idea of gender hierarchy as a socially constructed concept. Feminism has earned itself a bad reputation, but it never undermined gender differencesRead MoreInequality in Latin America Essay3137 Words   |  13 Pages Although Latin America has faced many social, political, and economic issues within the last three centuries, inequality remains one of the most important, historical, and omnipresent aspects of the region’s culture. As Europeans took over Latin America during the time of colonization, they implemented many elitist social structures that have held strong and are evident today (Harris). Income inequality is the most visible and greatest disparity that the region faces; yet inequality between genderRead MoreWomen s Suffrage During The Nineteenth Century Essay1488 Words   |  6 PagesThe women’s suffrage movements began to emerge during the first half of the nineteenth century. In the United States, a handful of Western states already granted women’s suffrage during the nineteenth century. However, in the ma jority of states the enfranchisement of women followed only after the nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which granted full voting rights to women in 1920. Similarly, British women gained partial suffrage through the Representation of the People Act ofRead MoreFranklin Delano Roosevelt And The New Deal1987 Words   |  8 Pages Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park on January 30, 1882. Roosevelt, at age 28, ran for New York State senate where he fought political machines. He became the thirty second president of America in the year 1933, the worst year in the Great Depression. Roosevelt became president as a democrat. He was also president during World War II. Roosevelt was diagnosed with polio in 1921 and was paralyzed in his legs. He obtained polio when he was on a vacation in Campobello Island. In 1944 RooseveltRead MoreU.s. Foreign Policy During World War II Essay1357 Words   |  6 PagesStates quickly assumed the worst of European powers in the ir administration of their Caribbean and South American colonies. Displeased by the notion that Spanish control of Central and South American nations could further interfere with U.S. interests, interventionists and McKinley invoked the Monroe Doctrine. Citing the cruelty with which the Spanish empire ruled over the island of Cuba, along with impeded neutral rights and the vast economic losses, McKinley at last gave in to his militarist opponents

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Police Brutality, By Renee Montagne Interviews Mark Puente

Police brutality is in the spotlight these days. With new technology such as cell phones and the internet, we can barely go online without seeing something new in the headlines about the violence being perpetrated about the forces protecting our cities. In a radio interview for NPR on April 30, 2015 titled â€Å"’Baltimore Sun’ Probe Exposes ‘Disturbing Pattern’ of Police Brutality†, Renee Montagne interviews Mark Puente, who was assigned to research police brutality through the years. With visceral accounts that are credible and eye-opening, this interview speaks the facts about the issue of police brutality, including how they can change reports, and gives and inside view into the actions of America’s men in uniform through the years. Puente explains how he spent six months researching court cases in Baltimore, Maryland. He found patterns between many of them where everyday people – those who were not criminals and some who were the individuals to call the police – were victimized by officers. Startlingly, he discovered that not only were there similarities in how the situations played out, but also how they were handled through reports and during trials. â€Å"Police reports did not reflect what the lawsuits alleged†¦. Nearly all the police reports and charging documents, they used the same language.† This statement points to the fact that officers have the ability to doctor reports and other documents. Puente did not study only recent sources – he went further back into history as

World Religions Report Catholicism Free Essays

What is Catholicism? Catholicism is considered similar to Christianity with slight differences, such as having the Pope as the head of the church and a strong devotion to the Virgin Mary. Basically, Catholics believe that their Church was founded by Jesus Christ. In addition, Catholic beliefs are specifically mentioned in the Apostles’ Creed. We will write a custom essay sample on World Religions Report: Catholicism or any similar topic only for you Order Now Catholics also have sacraments which are received throughout the course of life. They give primary importance to Baptism, which makes them an official member of the Catholic Church. Generally, Catholic belief is based both on Scriprture and Tradition. The Holy Bible that contains scriptures are divided between the New and Old Testaments. â€Å"The original language of most of the Old Testament is Hebrew or Aramaic, but several books or portions of books were written in Greek. The New Testament was also written in Greek† (Christianity Portal, 2006). Moreover, sacred traditions are ones carried over from the earliest Church practices. These are handed down through scriptural teachings. They are guided in life by the Ten Commandments, that are believed to be given by God himself through a prophet named Moses. These commandments include honoring one’s parents, not taking the name of God in vain, and honoring Sabbath day (Sunday), among others. The commandments are based on love of God and mankind. Based on the commadments, Man is also forbidden to kill another or steal from others. Committing against the commandments is considered a â€Å"mortal† sin and can condemn one to hell. On the other hand, following the commandments and being good towards others promises heaven and eternal life. Furthermore, prayer is important in the life of every Catholic. However, this is not an obligation. They have various forms of prayer towards God, special prayers to saints and patron saints, ad prayers according to intention. In addition, there are Catholics who have established devotion to Mary, the mother of Jesus. They pray to her for intercession, basing on the belief that whatever is asked through her to Jesus will be granted. These, however, depends if it is God’s will. They pray the Holy Rosary, which consists of repetitions of the Hail Mary, a prayer for Mary. During the rosary, they recall the life of Christ in the form of four mysteries: Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, and Light Mysteries. Catholicism believes in one God and sees Him as â€Å"eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing and omnipresent†(Christianity Portal, 2006). Catholics believe that God know all man’s thoughts and sees all his actions. Catholics believe that there are three persons in one God – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. â€Å"The faith of the Church and of the individual Christian is based on a relationship with these three Persons of the one God† (Christianity Portal, 2006). Name, Location Review of the Site The interview with Danford Cabinatan was conducted in The Saint Rita’s Catholic Church in Waianae, Hawaii. It is located in 89-318 Farrington Highway, Nanakuli. The church can be easily identified as Catholic as there are three big crosses on top of it. Inside are statues of Mary, angels, and saints. Most noticeable is the statue of the crucified Christ on the cross. There is a rectangular table by the altar where the priest officiates the Holy Mass. The said table faces wooden pews, where Catholics sit/kneel during the Mass. Based on Saint Rita’s official website, their schedule of Masses are held everyday. However, confessions are held by appointment. In addition, matrimony should be scheduled at least 6 months ahead of the actual wedding date. Saint Rita conducts religious educational activities for the youth and for adults. They conduct Bible Studies and Scripture Sharing. Interview Summary Ten questions about Catholicism were prepared for this interview. Danford Cabinatan willingly answered all these questions. He was baptized Catholic and was raised as one by his parents. Baptism, as he said, prepares adults to receive other sacraments such as Reconciliation and Confirmation. As a Catholic, he attends Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation, confesses his sins, receives the Holy Communion, and observes the days of fasting and abstinence. Some of the important and traditional Catholic holidays are the Holy Days of Obligation, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, The Ascension, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, Feast of the Assumption of Mary, All Saints Day, Feast of the Immaculate Conception and Christmas or the Nativity of Jesus Christ. Catholics differ from other Christians as they celebrate the Eucharist. In contrast to Christians, the Catholic Church is overseen by the Pope, and has devotion to Mary and the Saints. The Christia Bible also differs from other religious books as it has the Old and the New Testaments. All Christians use the Bible, however they differ in versions and translations. When asked how has his religion shaped his life, Cabinatan answered â€Å"Religion is/will always be part of my life and shaped me to what I am today. Believing and having faith In God. Believe in the Ten Commandments and life will be good to anyone. One just needs to recite the Apostles’ Creed. † He also denies questioning his faith at any point of his life. The Catholic Church is involved in the community lot of social programs and ministries throughout the world. They include shelters, hospitals and schools. The ministries like the Catholic Relief Services and Charities help the poor, families, sick and elderly. The Catholic Church have organizations world wide like the Daughters of Charity and the Knights of Columbus. The Knights of Columbus visited every family who had lost family member/members in the 9-11incident. In addition, the Knights also assisted and donated huge amount of money to the families affected by the 9-11 attack. Cabinatan is a member of the Knights of Columbus and a Eucharistic minister. He also is an Extra Ordinary minister at the hospital where he visits the sick and administers the Eucharist every 5th Sunday. Catholism versus Buddhism There are significant differences between Catholicism and Buddhism. Among which are beliefs, faith, traditions, and practices. One of the major differences is the entity worshipped. Catholics, as Christians, primarily believe in Jesus Christ while Buddhists believe in Buddha. Jesus Christ was the son of Mary, who conceived Christ through Immaculate Conception. Buddha was born as Siddhartha Gautama, who was the King of India. Christ claimed he is both man and God, who died and rose again, â€Å"establishing a unique and everlasting covenant with man† (Clark, 2008). On the other hand, Buddha is believed to be one of the many to come in different ages â€Å"to teach man that life is an illusion and to strip away human desires and attachments†(Clark, 2008). Christ said that he is â€Å"the Way, the Truth, and the Life† while Buddha teaches that â€Å"every person must find their own path to enlightenment, or nirvana, the extinction of self†(Clark, 2008). Jesus taught â€Å"God wishes to share His divine life, given through the Son by the power of the Holy Spirit while Buddha taught individuality must perish and that everything is One† (Clark, 2008). On faith, Buddhists do not believe in a god. Buddha was a human being â€Å"who attained full Enlightenment through meditation and showed the path of spiritual awakening and freedom† (Fisher, 2005, p. 134). With this, Buddhism is said to be a religion of â€Å"wisdom, enlightnement and compassion† while Catholicism is a religion of God. Catholics believe that the Church is the Body and Bride of Christ, the seed of the Kingdom of God, and the conduit of God’s grace and mercy in the world† (Clark, 2008). Catholics rely on faith in God when difficulties and trials come in life. Meanwhile, Buddhist teaching suggests that the only way to escape these difficulties is non-existence. In the light of sufferings and problems, Catholics see these as something to bri ng them closer to God. They see these as part of everyday life and takes these as a reason to maintain devotion to God. In other words, sufferings and sacrifices unite them with him. On the other hand, the Buddhists see suffering as something to be escaped from. They are â€Å"not concerned with whether or not God exists, nor offer worship. Instead, seek after non-self (anatman)†(Clark, 2008). Buddhists also believe that it was during meditation under a bodhi tree that Buddha was suddenly enlightened. He was enlightened with the doctrine or â€Å"dharma† of â€Å"Four Noble Truths†. These are: (1) life is suffering; (2) the cause of suffering is desire; (3) to be free from suffering we must detach from desire; and, (4) the â€Å"eight-fold path† is the way to alleviate desire. The eight-fold path includes having right views, intentions, speech, actions, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration. The final goal of Buddhism is not merely to eradicate desire, but to be free of suffering. (Clark, 2008) On practice, the Catholics celebrate the Holy Eucharist every Sunday. They attend the mass on Holy Days of Obligation: Feast of the Immaculate Conception and Christmas Day. Catholics have various prayers that are prayed at any time of the day. Catholics also have traditional prayers such as the Our Father, that is believed to have been taught by Jesus Christ himself. Any conversation with God is considered a form of prayer. At times, they meditate and keep silent, since they believe that God speaks in silence. Buddhists, on the other hand, do not pray to a higher power as Catholics do, but they recite mantras and meditate. Buddhists meditate to gain clarity of thought, power of concentration and insight into the true nature of reality. Similarities noted between these two religions is the practice of prayer and the desire to reach a good and peaceful state. According to the Ignatius in Sight website, â€Å"External similarities, including monks, meditation, and prayer beads, seemed to indicate a newly discovered closeness between the followers of Christ and Buddha† (Clark, 2008). Conclusion It appears that Catholicism is a religion while Buddhism is more of a way of life. Catholics observes rules based on the commandments and morals that guide their way of life. However, this is not in a strict sense. Some opt to be non-practicing Catholics. These are ones who were baptized in the Catholic church but do not attend the Mass or receive any other sacraments. Catholics may do good in the name of God and mankind but with the fear that failing to do so will make them sin and go to hell. Also, they aim to do what the Catholic Church teach, for fear of immorality. Based from the interview of Danford Cabinatan, his inclination in the Catholic faith was instilled right after birth. He was baptized as a Catholic and accordingly brought up as one by his parents. When he was asked how he deals with the impulses of the secular world, he exclaimed â€Å"I tell everyone to stay close to the church and life will be good to you! Don’t let life pass you by! This is why Cabinatan is an active member of the Church and a true practicing Catholic. The impression is Cabinatan appears contented and happy being a Catholic all his life. He even remarked that he has never doubted the Catholic faith. He did not consider converting to any religion. Just like any job, relationship, or status, one’s religion can be freely chosen. What matters is what works for the person and what makes him live a healthy productive life. For Cabinatan, Catholicism is beneficial, as he appears contented and confident in the Catholic belief. How to cite World Religions Report: Catholicism, Papers

Principles of Marketing - Case Study #1 Jet Blue free essay sample

1. Give examples of need, wants, and demands that Jetblue customers demonstrate, differentiating these three concepts. What are the implications of each for Jetblue’s practices? Jetblue meets customers physical needs by providing unlimited snacks and beverages during their flights, they even meet their social needs by providing such great customer service that their customers can feel at home, and they even meet their individual needs by providing free wi-fi in the terminals and providing free sending and receiving of emails while on board. The implications of meeting these needs is that Jetblue is truly dedicated to satisfying the customer and meeting all their needs to the best of their abilities, not just some partially. 2. Describe in detail all of the facets of Jetblue’s product. What is being exchanged in a Jetblue transaction? Jetblue’s product is an all inclusive customer service experience that meets all of their customers’ needs and surpasses their expectations. We will write a custom essay sample on Principles of Marketing Case Study #1: Jet Blue or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The product they are given begins with the customer service they receive when booking the ticket, which is distinguished by its low price and continues when they arrive at the termainal. For example JFK’s new J5 terminal offers more than other terminals and has more security lines to improve the customers’ entire experience. On the airplane, superior customer service continues through an effort at humor during the safety lecture, unlimited snacks and drinks, free emailing, and staff that are willing to help anytime with a smile on their faces. Jetblue creates customer-managed relationships. Value is being exchanged in a Jetblue transaction. Customer satisfaction/value for value from the customers, which in turn becomes profits for the company and due to the relationships they have built creating loyal customers, many of their customers love them and continue to fly Jetblue and recommend Jetblue to their friends and family. 3. Which of the five marketing management concepts best applies to Jetblue? The Marketing Concept is the marketing management concept that best applies to Jetblue because it is focused on knowing and delivering the needs and wants of the target market and delivering those needs and wants with superior customer satisfaction, which is actually included in their customers wants for an airline experience; comfort and a pleasant trip, rather than a miserable time with hunger pains in an uncomfortable seat with no leg-room. 4. What value does Jetblue create for its customers? It offers superior customer service that makes its service highly valued by its customers. 5. Is Jetblue likely to continue in being successful in building customer relationships? Why or why not? Yes, because as long as it continues to meet customer wants and needs with superior customer service and keeps its prices low, its customers will continue to find value in its product/service, meaning they will be dedicated customers and even advocates for Jetblue, which in turn comes to the company in the form of value from its customers that turns into profits for the company. Maintaining these customer relationships is done through continuing to offer great customer service always, and even making an effort to stay in touch. For example, Jetblue has many followers on twitter. This is customer loyalty, which is one of the most important reasons why they are so successful.

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Online Sportswear And Fashion Retailer †Myassignmenthepl.Com

Question: Discuss About The Online Sportswear And Fashion Retailer? Answer: Introduction The Iconic is one of the most renowned and well-recognized online sportswear and fashion retailer which is established in Sydney, Australia in the year 2011. It is one of the giant in the e-commerce business and the leading fashion retailer of Australia having an extended reach with its 50,000 products and 700 diverse brands. The company is taking sue of well-known and highly potential marketing strategies especially digital media for expanding its market share and increasing the number of customer base (The Iconic, 2017). The key purpose behind developing this paper is to understand, evaluate and analyse the various digital marketing strategies as well as having an integration of these digital marketing strategies with the traditionally used crick and mortar marketing approaches. The paper will present the key customers of the selected brand. The Iconic, its various market segments, the social media platforms on which the brand is dominatingly active and the benefits and uses of hav ing significant presence on such platforms. Use of Digital Marketing by The Iconic The customers of The Iconic can be segregated in three different segments on the basis of their behavioural, demographic and psychographic factors. From the demographic segmentation, it includes individuals that are of age group between 18 to 40 years that possess high level education and in the category of upper middle class and high class income level. The second segmentation is on the basis of behavioural factors that comprises of the customers that have certain behavioural aspects such as who prefer online shopping more than buying from physical stores, the customers have less time and prefer selecting from a wide range of products after having a comparative analysis of the prices and reviews. The third segmentation is on the basis of psychographic factors such as it comprises of the individuals who have an interest in the fashion trends, enjoying socializing and shopping, the people who are more conscious regarding their looks and wants to wear trendy and fashionable clothes. Th us, the customers are overall segregated in these three segments (Bng and Roos, 2014). And to attract the customers of every segment there are various marketing strategies and platforms on which promotions are done for fetching the attention of the customers. Social media platform for Market Segment 1: Demographic To attract the customers from the demographic market segment the company take use of various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other digital marketing tools such as displaying of advertisements on sites, promotional emails etc. But the primary digital marketing and social platform taken use is Facebook as it is one of the best ways to attract the most extended reach of customers. There are around 663,198 people who follow the Facebook page of The Iconic on regular basis (Facebook, 2017). This shows the huge number of potential number of customers the company has. The key reason behind taking use of Facebook as the social media platform for the marketing purpose is that it helps the potential customers to remain engaged with the products and newly launched goods of the brand and fascinates the customers to purchase the same. Social media platform for Market Segment 2: Behavioural To attract the customers from the behavioural market segment the company take use of various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other digital marketing tools such as displaying of advertisements on sites, promotional emails etc. But the primary digital marketing and social platform taken use is Twitter as it is one of the prominent ways of attracting the potential customers and having extended market reach. It is the chosen social platform for marketing because of the fact that there are several aspects and features of the customers of the behavioural market segment. The customers have a behavioural tendency to judge the brand from the various reviews and tweets made in respect with the brand and its goods and merchandises. These types of customers share their views also and want to remain updated about the overall brand image of the company and then only want to associate them with the company by the means of its products. There are approximately 12,600 tweets made till the day and there are a total of 25,900 individuals who are the active followers of the brand and its products (Twitter, 2017). Social media platform for Market Segment 3: Psychographic To attract the customers from the psychographic market segment the company take use of various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other digital marketing tools such as displaying of advertisements on sites, promotional emails etc. But the primary digital marketing and social platform taken use is Instagram as it is one of the best ways to attract the customers who are more concerned with their looks as at the Instagram profile of the company, the customers tend to see the models as well as other customers of the Iconic wearing the similar products. Thus, as a psychographic factor of analysing things from various aspects, the customers prefer Instagram as the best social media platform for taking a buying decision. There are a total of 270,000 followers of the Iconic at Twitter (Instagram, 2017). This is the number of people who follow the brand on Instagram and tend to have a display of all the photos posted by the company on regular basis. The continuous display of images and help in attracting the potential customers and preferably develop them as the prime customers of the brand. Effectiveness of The Iconic in utilizing the social platforms for marketing The Iconic is extremely effective and efficient enough in utilizing all the above mentioned social platforms for the marketing of its products, goods and merchandizes to the customers of all market segments. The effectiveness of the company can be realized by the total number of followers each social platform have. The greatest the numbers of followers are, the maximum are the chances of the brand to achieve huge competitive benefits as well as increased number of customer base (Dunn, 2016). There are several queries and questions of the customers which are posted on such platforms and Iconic remain keenly active and engaged by answering to all the queries of the customers. This results in increases customer involvement and customer engagement that develops strong customer relationship with the company and the products (Nobre and Silva, 2014). It has also been evaluated that the company is much effective in taking sue of these platforms as at all the social media platforms, there is present complete information related to the latest and new arrivals of the company as well as the one which are about to launch in the coming time frame. This help the company in remaining globally visible and present in the market for attracting more and more customers from across the globe. Thus, it can be said that The Iconic is utilizing the social platforms in an effective and efficient manner for its purpose of marketing (Ashley and Tuten, 2015). The priority as per the analysis and the present market condition must be given to first to Facebook as it has the highest number of followers in comparison with other social platforms as well as it is one of the social media which is extensively used by maximum of the individuals on daily basis. It is found that people are much active on Facebook rather than having their presence of other social platforms. The second priority must be given to Insatgram and one major reason is the number of followers. The other reason is that Insatgram is one of the platforms on which there can be posted images on a regular basis for attracting customers and it is a good source for attracting the potential customers. The third social platform which must be given priority is Twitter as comparatively it has less number of followers but still people gather information about the brand from the tweets of several customers. And it is essential that the company must be active and have a good engagement with the customers who are present of Twitter too (Scott, 2015). Diverse aspects of different social platforms Every market segment is unique and different and so the social platforms and thus, it is not necessary that for attracting the customers a single or similar social platform will be beneficial for all the market segments. There are diverse features of all the social platforms and there is some sort of aspects as per which all the social media platforms will not work for all market segments. For example, people who only prefer seeing the images for purchasing the products are not very less interested in the comments posted on that product by other on Twitter (Swani, Brown and Milne, 2014). And the diversity in the individuals influences their selection of social platforms for reaming active and involve in purchasing of products. Thus, it is evident that because of diversity in behavioural, psychographic and demographic factors, it cannot be done that all the social media platforms will work for all market segments (Ting, et al., 2015). Conclusion Digital marketing is extending its roots and is taken effective use by all sorts of companies irrespective of their size and geographical location. From the paper it can be evaluated and concluded that The Iconic is evidently present on all recognized social platforms as well as taking efficient use of these platforms for marketing of its products. Thus, it can be stated that to remain in limelight, it is necessary that the company invest time, money and effort to boost its presence on all such social platforms so that more number of customers can be targeted and upsurge sales can be generated. 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