Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Police Brutality, By Renee Montagne Interviews Mark Puente

Police brutality is in the spotlight these days. With new technology such as cell phones and the internet, we can barely go online without seeing something new in the headlines about the violence being perpetrated about the forces protecting our cities. In a radio interview for NPR on April 30, 2015 titled â€Å"’Baltimore Sun’ Probe Exposes ‘Disturbing Pattern’ of Police Brutality†, Renee Montagne interviews Mark Puente, who was assigned to research police brutality through the years. With visceral accounts that are credible and eye-opening, this interview speaks the facts about the issue of police brutality, including how they can change reports, and gives and inside view into the actions of America’s men in uniform through the years. Puente explains how he spent six months researching court cases in Baltimore, Maryland. He found patterns between many of them where everyday people – those who were not criminals and some who were the individuals to call the police – were victimized by officers. Startlingly, he discovered that not only were there similarities in how the situations played out, but also how they were handled through reports and during trials. â€Å"Police reports did not reflect what the lawsuits alleged†¦. Nearly all the police reports and charging documents, they used the same language.† This statement points to the fact that officers have the ability to doctor reports and other documents. Puente did not study only recent sources – he went further back into history as

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