Monday, February 17, 2020

5B Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

5B - Essay Example This seems to be an inconsistency in her behavior. While it is true that she is probably a very naà ¯ve little girl, even toddlers are made aware of significant dangers to avoid, such as large wolves appearing from the forest. If she is old enough to take food to her grandmother, Little Red Riding Hood is also old enough to know better than to fraternize with wolves. An alternate goal of this story might be a classic set-up job. The wolf refuses to attack children in the village where the men can easily attack him and thus rid the village of the danger he poses. At the same time, it is known that the wolf prefers young children and he is likely to go after Little Red Riding Hood if she is sent off to her grandmother’s house. If the little girl is instructed by the hunter to first tell the wolf where she’s going, the hunter can be sure to find him, making it possible to kill him. If the hunter was obliged to follow a discreet distance behind Little Red Riding Hood to be sure the wolf didn’t attack her on the way to her grandmother’s house, not knowing the wolf would run ahead and await the girl at the cottage, this would explain his late arrival and his failure to warn the old woman. In the fairy tale Rapunzel, there is no clear goal as to why the witch might demand an unborn child in exchange for the theft of some vegetables out of her garden or why she might lock the girl up in a tower once she becomes of marrying age. Associations of her as the overprotective mother are refuted by her complete refusal of Rapunzel once she learns of the prince, which should have meant a happy match for her ‘daughter’. Instead, I see the witch as obsessively consumed with ensuring she is provided with company until the end of her days. If the witch was growing the rapunzel plant as a needed ingredient for a cure for a loved one who is lost as a result of the stolen plants, this

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